• Secure Encrypted Email Service Provider, hipaa compliant email service provider, Chicago, Dallas, Milwaukee
Worried your current E-mail is not Secure?
Not sure if your E-mail provider is HIPAA Compliant?
Thinking of protecting your practice from Fines?
Switch to a HIPAA Compliant E-mail service!

Our HIPAA Compliant E-mail Service lets you

  • Access E-mail, contacts, calendars and files from anywhere, anytime.
  • Increase productivity by collaborating securely with coworkers, customers and suppliers.
  • Save money by not having to purchase licenses, backup or Anti-virus software for your E-mail platform.
  • Maintain data security with hosted E-mail in highly secure data centers with Firewall & Anti-Virus softwares.
  • Mitigate Risk by protecting you against accidental or intentional deletion of E-mails by end users

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Why Choose Technical Doctor Inc. as your preferred HIPAA Compliant E-mail Vendor?

  • Technical Doctor, Inc can provide the E-mail service at comparable and lower rates.
  • Technical Doctor, Inc specializes in providing training for their E-mail service at affordable prices to Physicians.
  • Technical Doctor, Inc assures rock solid support for your E-mail Service.
  • Technical Doctor, Inc’s E-mail service provides comprehensive Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus features
  • Technical Doctor, Inc has selected the E-mail service after doing a thorough check of all providers in the market and selecting the best!